Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Sewing, Sympathies, and Sunshine

I purchased this Burda pattern (#7742) last week after seeing it on the Burda fashion  website:

All Four One

No description was provided on the pattern envelope. Here's my translation from the French website of Burda Style: "A form fitting top ideal for skirts and slacks. The top comes in a choice of long sleeves with gathered sleeve heads or sleeveless. The sleeveless has an option for back enclosures. For the neckline, you have a choice of a turtleneck or a round neckline..." The patterns calls for the use of 2-way stretch knits.

Pattern Sizing:
Misses' 36 38 40 42 44 46. I sewed a "40".

Something to be aware of are the 2" hem at the lower edge of the top and at the lower edge of the sleeves. After my typical petite adjustments and the 2" hem, I found the top still exorbitantly long, which did not work well with its form-fitting or body hugging style on me. I used a belt to interrupt the length or to add some aesthetic balance.

This is the first time that I tried a Burda "Young Fashion". I should have gone up a size from my typical Burda "40" to a "42" at the bust and sides for this pattern due to it being more fitted. I did not decrease to a "38" at the neck and shoulders as I usually do with standard Burda Style magazine patterns.

I used a foxes-print rayon jersey from
Fox or Fiction

Pattern Directions
Although I did not use them after sewing a Burda Style turtleneck from the September 2012 issue, the directions of Burda patterns from the envelopes are usually better than the very brief or less explicit directions encountered in the Burda Style magazines.

Favorite and Not-So Favorite Features
I liked the simplicity of construction with only 4 pattern pieces: the front, back, sleeve, and turtleneck piece (rectangular). I also liked the depth of the turtleneck, neither constrictive nor low enough to qualify to be a "cowl". MNBarb's description in her review is much better: "It's somewhere between chokey and cowl." The neckline would seem simple to adjust to make it look more like a standard turtleneck.

The only thing that I least liked is the sizing does not seem to correlate with misses' Burda. Going up a size or two would have seemed to work better for me.

Fox Tales

*My typical 1" petite adjustment at the waistline.

*Due to a fabric deficit, I shortened the sleeves 5 1/2", which landed nearly an inch above my wrists. To give you an idea of the sleeve length, if I had used the original length of the sleeves and the 2" inch hem, I estimate that the resulting length would surpass my wrists by an inch.

*I sewed in the sleeve heads to armscyes flat (before stitching side seams) instead of "setting them in".

Fox or Fiction

I plan sew this again due to its comfort, versatility of style, and its simple construction. I definitely recommend this pattern for the same reasons.

This pattern is a nice staple of any wardrobe. Maybe that is one reason why it has been around for several years.

More thoughts
My heartfelt sympathies and prayers to the departed children and adults, the survivors, and their families of Newtown, Connecticut. It hurts to think of what happened to our innocent brothers and sisters.  I hope and pray for peace, harmony, safety, and love in today's world. 

Yesterday, we watched our community of young dancers/performers participate in their dance company's yearly holiday recital.  The children again delighted us with a wonderful show.  Their presence not only lights up the stage, but all of our lives.  They represent not only our hope, but also the hope of families of Newtown and those all over the world for a promising future.


  1. Love your top. Great fabric too. Great job.

  2. You are quite the sewer. I see your pattern reviews all the time on I am been out of the loop lately, Hoping to get back into it after the first of the year. Thanks for joining my blog. ljhunt

  3. I like the neckline on that--it does seem like the perfect balance between chokey and cowl. Cute print, too!


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